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Monday, September 14, 2009


A month late but better late than never haha.

SMASH- SMASH was the first convention that Kenji and I went to. As expected from every event there was bound to be somebody dressed up as Cloud or Tifa! I didn't collect any shots from SMASH as the camera's battery was running low after filming the opening dance from the SMASH Maid Cafe girls.

By the middle of the day my greatest challenger arrived a high school girl named Jodie. She wasn't making it discreet that she was challenging my Geass crown too (she got a wall scroll, the official 1/8 Zero figure and all the DVDs!). I quickly took the opportunity to buy the last Zero (After Kenji was offering otaku peer pressure by saying if I bought Zero he would buy Saber) haha to top it off for safe measure I also got the bunny suit Kallen from Hobbyco... Yep and it was all because I didn't want to lose to Jodie!

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