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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Annelotte Figurine

This was one of my many purchases while I was in Japan earlier this year. At the time, I knew nothing of Queen's Blade Rebellion, but I decided to get the Annelotte as she looked really cute.

The detailing on the figure is fantastic. I compared it to it what little images of her that was available on the internet, and I can say that the facial details are very accurate. The detail on the armor is also superb, you can see the rivets that is holding the armor together as well as the patterns that decorates the armor at various places very clearly.

One thing that I didn't notice before was the dragon head necklace that she had. Initially I thought that it was just a normal necklace, but when I was taking pictures of her, I was able to see the details on the necklace clearly.

Like I said earlier, I knew nothing of Queen's Blade Rebellion, and was I in for a surprise when I opened the box. It was then that i discovered that you can remove her armor. I have Annelotte fully armored, but I found that putting the armor pieces in place can be quite difficult. Perhaps the producers planned it that way so those Otaku who are lucky enough to be in possession of her can have the armor completely removed while on display. One piece of her armor I found particularly annoying is her cloak. It is held to the back of her skirt by two indents, and if you move her around too much it can easily come off.

But overall, for the little annoyances, I really like this figure for the attention to detail that the producers gave it. Also for the kind and gentle facial expression that can be seen, and of course the cast off function of the armor.

Here's some of the pics of Annelotte that I was able to take, enjoy.

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