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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Review 27/9/09

Otaku Down Under is into it's second week. Thanks for all the visitors that have dropped by this week. Kenji and I began two multiphase projects. Firstly we had Kenji's awesome Japanese travel experiences and the second project is my Gundam building tutorial.

On Tuesday we got our largest amount of traffic to date we had 20 unique visitors which we presume came in to ODU searching for the cause of the dust storm which was covered in the Welcome to Mars entry. Overall I have to say this experience is highly addictive and lots of fun. We'd appreciate more comments and if you like us please become a follower... Don't be shy haha. Kudos to Christian for responding!

I'd like to wrap up this blog entry with a quote I thought of and contemplated over all week,

"Life is a game with only one final game over. There isn't any save points or continue options. So have fun while it lasts!"

- Hiroki

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