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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Final Fantasy Dissidia Review

Final Fantasy Dissidia is a PSP only Final Fantasy release. Having just been dubbed over as an English version I thought I would write a review on this awesome game. This review is using the Japanese version which I had been playing since it was released.

Dissidia's story is about the two almighty Gods Cosmos and Chaos. One representing justice while the other destruction. The Gods had always been equal in power and the power balance never toppled until one day Chaos recruited all the villains from all the Final fantasy games from 1-10. The overwhelming force pushed back the Final Fantasy heroes and also Cosmos hence Chaos gains the upperhand. In the process Cosmos is heavily wounded and can not continue on so she instructs the heroes to collect "Crystals" which serve as the only hope to destroy Chaos.

As expected there are ten stories to play, one for each character and of course the grand battle royale at the end. The game is a very long one which is a rare find in the PSP market these days. Each character has their own move sets sourced from the games and each character also has their own set of cinematics. As expected of professional voice acting the emotion exerted in the gameplay dialogue is just sensational.

Okay lets move on to gameplay. Surpisingly for a game with expansive maps and many complex movement elements the camera angles are very easily to follow and dont get messy. The objective of the game is to defeat as many enemies as possible using minimal destiny points to gain bonus items. The menu is presented in a board fashion and the player selects the path to take. On the board there are healing items, treasure and NPCs of various levels itching to kill you. At the end of the board is either the gateway to the next level or a fight with an ally or external villain and finally the main villain of that particular series. Once you select a NPC the fight is on.

The gameplay is simple both player and NPC start with a various amount of brave points. Brave attacks rob the contestants of these points until they have none left which is referred to as BREAK. Typically when a NPC is at BREAK a HP attack follows. The HP attack takes away from the life bar the amount of brave points that you or the NPC have collected. The highest damage being 9999. In gameplay if certain criteria is met a summon comes out to aid you in battle for example Shiva will rob enemy brave points when you are down and Ifrit will boost your stats when victory is near.

As expected from games of this calibur gear, weapons, summons and skills can be upgraded either from Destiny Point collection, gil purchase or from enemy drop. My highest ranking character is Cloud Strife from FF7. I have since collected all of Cloud's combat skills but however still need additional materials to make the game's ultimate sword.

I have to admit shooting the video in this post was hard. I had the camera set on the tripod and was playing the game from my camera screen. Although it was clumsy I somehow managed to kill a mid level NPC. As a final verdict I'll give this game 10/10.

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