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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Smile Company Akashiya Moka Awokened Vampire Version Review

Akashiya Moka is the most fragile and the most powerful female character in Rosario + Vampire. Before we begin the review let me introduce you to Moka's sealed appearance. She has pink hair and green eyes. Her Rosario hangs on her chest and can only be removed by love interest and fellow human classmate Tsukune.

Okay lets get onto the review. As you can see from the Rosario hanging limply in Moka's fingers the seal on her S Class vampire blood has been lifted... shes ready to fight. She gains the traditional silver hair and the blood red eyes of her vampire heritage and of course for appeal the wallpaper was selected to also portray her aura of demonic energy (original artist unknown).

The sculpting on this figure is tops the female curves are reproduced accurately and the way the hair curves upwards is a very nice touch. Lets start with the costume, for dramatic effect they gave Moka an extra set of baby bat wings on her back and a bat wing cuff on her left wrist. The Rosario and the various chain accesories are made from real metal. The dress is semi gloss in appearance and the frills are lined with a pearl white paint which seems very standard with Good Smile's paint schemes as of late. Another stunning but minor addition about this figure is that it has fingernails! Talk about attention to detail!

The base of this figure is pretty neat its mirrored and Moka is actually sitting on a crucifix. I guess they designed the angle where Moka sits to be an angle made for panchira shots!

The build quality of this figure is very sturdy and the peg holding the crucifix to the stand is very tight. Be rest assured that the mirror base wont fall off. Afterall Good Smile Company still want you to be in good luck for the next seven years so you can still buy their figures ie Saber Lily Distant Avalon.

 This figure is a must for all Moka fans!

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