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Monday, September 21, 2009

First Week Review

Wow one week has passed Otaku Down Under is starting to take form. Apart from posting what we always wanted to do Kenji and I worked around the clock whenever time can permit to add to Otaku Down Under's physical appeal.

Firstly we designed Otakun into digital form and have him branded in our header. Followed by the necessary identifying feature we changed various colour settings so that they match the blog's settings (Thank God black is an easy background colour to work with.) The last modification is a hit counter after all we do want to know how many unique visitors we are getting!

In order for our current and potential guests to find us easier in Google we also changed the blog title,

"Otaku Down Under- Anime, Games, Cosplay and Japanese pop culture appreciation in Australia".

Since Kenji had already discussed his future projects let me take the opportunity to discuss mine I will be reviewing,


1. The Moka Awoken Vampire figure
2. Large scale Super Saiyan Goku figure


Gundam First Battle 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Advent Children Complete

And as a teaser for future posts to come Kenji came back from Japan recently he is going to recall his experiences in the "Empire of the Rising Sun" with lots of pretty photos don't miss it!

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