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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Large Scale Super Saiyan Goku

Goku is the main protagonist of the Dragonball metaseries. He is heralded to be the strongest warrior in the universe and has been pitted in many what if versus scenarios against Superman and even Yoda. I have been watching Dragonball as long as I can remember way before it was dubbed in English and became mainstream in Western culture. So naturally seeing this figure was like a hit of nostalgia and brought me to an automatic SOLD situation! I picked it up for a bargain price of $30.

Okay lets get to the figure review! Goku stands at an impressive height of 60cm because of the figures sheer height it was hard to take a decent photograph with a desktop wallpaper hence this set was taken while it was still on the shelf. The figure is made out of a very interesting plastic it soft to touch but extremely tough. When I took it out of the box some assembly was required the boots and pants were seperated from the upper torso.

Putting this figure together was lots of fun, the intstructions suggested to heat the plastic to 40°C to attach the parts together. The pieces fit in perfectly when they were softened by the heat and when the plastic cooled the parts were locked tightly together. The figure doesnt have any articulation at all it just stands majestically above all. However the sculptings are very detailed from the individual strands of Super Saiyan hair through to the flowing lines on Goku's clothing, well worth its relatively cheap price tag. I especially like the shades of oranges and blue, the yellow used for the golden Super Saiyan hair and of course the traditional green Super Saiyan eye pupil. All the colours were very well selected and extremely eye catching.

The only thing I don't like about this figure is that it needs to be on a really flat surface in order to balance properly. The boots weren't designed too well and at times the figure topples over. Overall it still is a good figure. This series also includes normal Goku (without Super Saiyan hair) and Vegeto (Fused Goku and Vegeta with Majin Earrings). And you guessed it it's available at Hobby Dream!

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