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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Code Geass figures

Since I didn't have work today I might get along to reviewing my Code Geass figures. As previous mentioned I am totally addicted to the series and would jump to any opportunity to promote it. Ever since I got the Lelouch figure my collection of Geass figures kept on increasing!


This figure is excellent it reflects Lelouch's aristocratic nature really well and the hot swappable hand gestures reflect the charismatic nature of Zero when he is spreading propaganda. The colours are spot on and the build is just amazing. I especially like the attention to detail and how Bandai/Sunrise provided two heads one with the Geass superpower and the regular one.

Kallen is my hot favourite when it comes to anime girls she's sexy, determined and is far from a damsel in distress and of course if you mess with her she will fry you with excess amounts of radiation!

The appeal of this figure is Kallen's embarassed facial expression. The figure is wonderfully crafted and is fairly stable as expected for the price tag the level of detail is amazing the bottles on her tray have branding labels one say "Whiskey" and the other saying Great Britannian Classic Grape (Red).

The mysterious green haired pizza eating super power giving "witch"! This figure oodles with detail and sculpting is excellent. As seen in modern figure design CC has a cast off function where her black dress can be discarded. The white top and short shorts add a nice touch to the detail of the figure especially the tight lines across the chest and the unzipped shorts which on closer inspection reveal zipper tracks.
However the only peeve about this figure is that it is unstable the support holding the figure on the base isnt exactly top class rough handling will result in the figure falling.

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