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Monday, September 14, 2009


The Animania Festival was AWESOME!

Living up to its namesake as Australia's largest Japanese popular culture festival it was in a class way above SMASH, just seeing the various cosplayers walking to the event from Redfern station was good enough. How can we forget the queue, the organisers were shouting orders to get off the road and seperating the preregistrations and door sales. In the mean time the people in the crowd were taking their time appreciating the lovely costumes and taking photos. It didnt take too long to get in and get greeted at the door by Domo Kun.

As Kenji said the quality of the cosplay was WAY better (Some candidates had intentions in representing Australia in the World Cosplay Summit) and he was cursing himself for not bringing a camera... Fortunately for me I brought mine! haha

Okay lets begin with purchases as always the internal struggle and peer pressure between otaku to otaku was overwhelming. This time it was Kenji's turn to go wild with purchases I admit I did do my share in playing Devil's advocate. So he bought

1. Viletta Nu Swimwear figure

2. More WOW T Shirts

3. A UN NERV Lanyard

I am sure he will come on later with more photos!

Being a massive fan of Final Fantasy 7 I submitted a drawing of Cloud Strife into the doodling competition I guess that served as motivation for buying the Final Fantasy Dissidia Trading Arts Cloud Strife figure.

Last minute impulse decisions alway lead to some pleasant result hehe! Without a car and Sunday golf cancelled I called Kenji up to see if he was in for a second round of Animania. It turned out that I was on my lonesome this time. As expected the cosplay lived up to its reputation. The day went by way too quickly! I spent most the day getting photos of the cosplayers and drawing a chibi sized Strike Freedom which I eventually gave to a Vampire Knight.
Some of the day was spent at the dancing section (I'm a keen dancer) and the karaoke competition was great. Dat and his partner (pictured below wearing the Knight of Seven uniform) were amazing I was transfixed listening to their duet. I wrapped up the day by giving in and getting the Awoken Vampire version figure of Moka from Vampire + Rosario from the Good Smile Company. I so can't wait till the next event expect us in cosplay gear!

Ok lets get onto the cosplay!

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